Virtual Office Membership




Our virtual office services cater both to employers and employees, and offer the flexibility and access you need for productivity and growth. Unlimited team members from one company can share a Virtual Office membership. 

 $175/month (add team members $50)

Here is what you get with a virtual office membership at Indiegrove:

Private Office Or Meeting Room Bookings

  • Up to 15 hours per month
  • High-speed commercial grade internet via wifi or ethernet
  • A projector can be booked for any meeting room
  • Whiteboard in all meeting rooms
  • Access to kitchen facilities, including coffee, tea and water

Mail and Package Services

  • Corporate address with an assigned suite number
  • Mail forwarding
    – mail forwarded to designated address twice per month can be added for $25 per month
  • Digital mail
    – mail scanned and emailed to designated email twice per month can be added for $25 per month
  • Accept packages and drop-offs with email notification

Live Phone Answering Service

  • Standard company greeting and then releasing to phone number or voicemail included
    – Call screening can be added for $40
    – E-fax services can be added for $15

Concierge Services

  • Receptionist will greet you and guests and available for assistance

Access to printer, copier, fax and scanner

  • First 50 pages per month included

Want To See More Of Our Spaces? 

Our private offices, meeting rooms, and conference rooms are designed for productivity and privacy.  Our state-of-the-art technology and tools make presentations, project planning and brainstorming easy and impressive.

About Our Virtual Office Spaces For Rent In Jersey City


Virtual office spaces are growing in popularity for several reasons, but you may be wondering, just what are they? To put it simply, these services allow for businesses to affordably maintain important professional communications while conducting business remotely.

A virtual office allows for businesses large and small to have professional services such as conveniently located private meeting rooms, mail and phone services, and even live receptionist services without the cost of a full office lease. This is all done while you are able to generate your regular business either remotely or from other off-site locations. In other words, virtual offices offer you all the conveniences and professional appearances of a traditional office space, without the office.

The Benefits of Using Virtual Office Spaces


If you’re considering adding the use of a virtual office space for yourself or your employees,
there are several benefits to consider:

Reduced costs:

Allowing your team to work remotely while providing a centralized private meeting space for important interactions can drastically cut the cost of maintaining a fully equipped office space yourself.

Professional services:

As convenient as it may be for your team to work from home or other remote locations, it often comes with a price – professionalism. Virtual office spaces provide much needed professional services such as private meeting rooms, concierge services, and live phone answering services as well.


With options such as unlimited team members and 24/7 availability, virtual office spaces offer a level of flexibility, whatever your professional space needs may be, that’s unparalleled in the workplace.

Choose Indiegrove Virtual Office Rental Services


At Indiegrove, we understand the growing needs of your business are your primary concern. That’s why we’re committed to continually providing simple, yet professional membership packages for our clients to ensure you get exactly what your team needs for professional growth.

Our virtual office space package was designed to provide the flexibility of a 24/7 professional space in a centralized location. Let us provide you with impressive private meeting room spaces that are equipped with the latest technology availability as well as access to kitchen facilities for the convenience and comfort of your groups. With a virtual space membership, your team can work from anywhere while being provided with professional answering services, full mailing and package acceptance, and even live concierge greetings for any in-person client visits. Give us a call today to see how Indiegrove can help support your professional growth with our affordable virtual office membership packages.