Take Advantage of Psychological Priming

We entrepreneurs pride ourselves on being independent thinkers. But it’s amazing how much influence outside conditions can have on the human mind.

In a classic study, psychologists had their subjects take a basic test on word association. But the real experiment happened when a hidden camera timed how long it took them to walk a 50 foot hallway to the elevator.

One group was a shocking 11% slower than the control. The difference? They took a test with words like old, infirm, and slow.

In effect – by thinking about being old, they acted as if they were old. It’s a psychological effect known as priming and it’s been proven time and time again for effects as diverse as wine selection and math test performance.

So how does this affect you as a solopreneur?

You need to be acutely aware of what the people, places and objects around you have on your work conditions. If you can surround yourself with the ingredients that make a kickass company builder like Mark Zuckerberg, you’re more likely to act like one.

Coworking offers the perfect option for the solopreneur to have the right environment and working conditions, including office space, meeting rooms and networking events, without committing to a long term contract or high monthly fees.