Productivity Is a Big Deal for Solopreneurs.

Unlike your cubicle bound contemporaries who can slack off (for an average of 55% of the hours in a week according to research) the success of your new company rests squarely on your shoulders.

For some that means the difference between ramen and steak for dinner, for others it means making rent before your cash runway runs out.

That means the difference between continuing to build what you love and returning to the dreaded J-O-B.

Pretty heavy stuff.

On the positive side, getting your productivity up can mean faster growth, more accomplished and even working shorter hours if that’s your thing.

It’s leverage on your time. Productivity is working smarter, not harder. And if you choose to work harder, it’s going farther than your competitors who have the same hours in the day as you do.

If you want to make it to the next level, it’s a problem you have to solve. Scale, impact and employees lie on the other end of figuring out your productivity as a solopreneur.