Transformational Leadership for Your Business & Life

June 12, 2019 12:00 pm
121 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07305   View map

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Being a leader that makes a difference underlies everything you create and accomplish. Serving as a catalyst in your business for actions and outcomes not otherwise possible.


Learn to operate your professional, organizational and personal life at peak levels by embracing, growing and amplifying your natural abilities, passions and creativity.


Be the most powerful impact leader possible by –

  • Creating how you powerfully “show up” for people as a leader. How you occur for people and how they listen to you as a leader.
  • Connecting you as a leader to your business’s vision, strategy and execution. Coordinating your organization, customers and partners to create transformational scale and impact.
  • Generating optimal performance by creating an environment for powerful leadership, communication and action. Working with integrity, responsibility, authenticity and self-expression in correlating your business’s actions with its commitments.

About the Speaker: Ananda Baruah

Ananda has spent 20+ years working with individuals, executives and organizations aligning culture and strategy to drive transformational action,  performance and outcomes.

He’s also very effective in a life-coaching context, given his human behavioral background and deep empathy for the human experience.    

As Managing Director at Brean Capital and Loop Capital he’s played key roles developing and implementing firm strategy while creating cultures aligning employee and ownership goals.

To learn more about Ananda and the work he does visit 


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