Jersey City is a vibrant hub for small business & entrepreneurs |

Jersey City: The New Hot Spot for Small Businesses

We are born with an entrepreneurial streak – It’s in our DNA and there are an increasing number of people looking to start new businesses. This wave of start-ups is now zoning in on Jersey City as small business owners feel that Jersey City is becoming a hub and a vibrant destination that makes them feel optimistic about business growth in the area.

So why Jersey City? There are a number of reasons.
The city provides structure, it is well organized and its close proximity to New York City makes it an efficient and productive location. The new mix of office tenants is due to New York’s rising rents, incentives from the state of New Jersey and booming residential and office space development in Jersey City. Jersey City is engulfed in a blanket of diversity and growth. Moreover, a fast-expanding skyline, home to lucrative small businesses, and an integrated transportation system help to make Jersey City a top contender among the cities that line the Hudson River.
Through the Jersey City Economic Development Corporation, the city has taken measures to attract entrepreneurs and small business owners by offering free advice on every aspect of starting, owning and managing a business in Jersey City. The Jersey City EDC is also partnering with the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and Business Development Incubator (BDI) at New Jersey City University to create customized training programs for entrepreneurs and small business owners.
Additionally, private players like Indiegrove, a co-working space for small business are creating a conducive environment and infrastructure for entrepreneurs. According to Jersey City’s Mayor, Steven Fulop “to get real job growth we need to be able to attract the creative class, which likes to work in places like that,” Fulop said about Indiegrove. “It’s a great story for Jersey City, and it’s going to be an even better story once a number of those entrepreneurs get their businesses to the next level and can start hiring more employees.”
It is for reasons like these that we are seeing small businesses thrive in Jersey City, hence making it a go-to destination for anyone wanting to start a small business or take the entrepreneurial route.
What are your thoughts on starting a small business in Jersey City?