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About Indiegrove Big Event Room Space Rentals

When it comes to growing your business, workshops, meetings, and events can be pivotal elements to your rate of success. These critical events allow your team (and your brand) to expand through brainstorming ideas, workshop training, and education, meeting new clients and closing new deals. The list of crucial moments that occur during these moments is exponential to the success of any business. So, what do you do when you simply do not have the capacity to host these vital gatherings?

You come see us. Indiegrove offers state-of-the-art meeting and event spaces that are available for rent as needed and in a variety of sizes and prices. Our facility is designed to wow your clients and provide you with everything you need to make the most of your event time. We provide sleek and modern meeting areas ranging from more intimate accommodations for smaller groups to event locations for larger groups, all complete with the latest technology to ensure you maximize your time with your staff and clients while on-site.

Why Choose Indiegrove Event Spaces

No matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey, continual growth means communication with team members, networking with clients and potential clients, and staying current on trends and training. What is the best way to achieve all of these? Utilizing meeting and event spaces to keep your team in the loop, impress a target audience with your pitches, and staying current by hosting educational and training workshops for your staff to attend. At Indiegrove, we provide the opportunity for individuals and businesses to utilize our sleekly designed spaces to host workshops, hold corporate board meetings, provide your own networking events with clients and much more.

What Makes Our Big Event Rooms Special

Here at Indiegrove, we have a huge selection of amazing event spaces that are tailored for your needs. We have facilities anywhere from 400 to 2,000 square feet with floor to ceiling windows and phenomenal views of the city that can accomodate up to 150 people. In addition, we have a 400 square feet space with a kitchenette and floor to ceiling windows with amazing views of our city.

The beauty of our business is that we are privileged to work with entrepreneurs from all walks of business and at every stage of their careers. As such, we have a unique understanding of just how different your needs may be from others, even in the same line of work. Your business needs can change (sometimes frequently), and no one understands that more than us! That’s why we offer such flexibility with our event spaces and meeting room rentals. We know that today you may just need to sit down with a small team to hash out the details of a new concept you’re developing. Tomorrow you may need a large space to host a workshop to get your entire team on the same page.

We strive to provide members and non-members the opportunity to learn, meet and do business with one another. All of our workshops and networking events are open to members and non-members. Join us for an event and meet our amazing community!

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Our membership options give you access to all of our events, as well as workspace, meeting rooms and all the space resources and amenities.


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Company Event & Workshop Spaces For Rent In Jersey City


Searching for a rental space to hold your next business event? At Indiegrove we provide entrepreneurs and freelance professionals with the perfect space to hold company events and workshops. Trying to find a good space to rent can be daunting. In order to make a good decision, your first consideration should be the location. If your team is mostly virtual you’ll want to do your best to choose a location that’s in close proximity to public transportation, such as a train station, bus stop, or airport. Indiegrove is nearby all forms of transportation and just minutes from downtown Manhattan. Our modern facility is a great option for your company’s yearly meetup. The whole team will be able to easily travel to the event no matter their location. Are you looking for a space to hold weekly or monthly workshops? Our event spaces are equipped with all the technology you need, including a whiteboard, high-speed internet, and projector (upon request). No need to hassle setting everything up, we will take care of the details. Have your guests arrive in style by taking advantage of the reception desk available Monday through Saturday. Not sure if this is the right spot to hold your next event? No worries, contact us today to schedule a tour.

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Jersey City's Best Affordable Event Spaces For Rent Near You


At Indiegrove we make it easy for anyone to rent the perfect company event space at prices that will fit all budgets. Why pay New York City rental cost when our sleek facility is located only minutes from the city. Super easy for your team and clients to reach by car or public transportation. We offer both large and small event spaces and charge by the hour, giving you the flexibility to customize. Indiegrove also has a monthly membership program that gives access to our co-working space equipped with everything you need to keep your business growing. Both members and non-members always experience amazing customer service when utilizing our facility. During your event, we can assist with providing beverages for your guests, including coffee/tea (nominal fee) and water. Along, with having high-speed internet and printing/copying services on site. We get it, choosing the right rental company can be a tough choice -  that’s why we are available to answer any questions or concerns. Contact us for a tour and our knowledgeable staff will show you everything Indiegrove has to offer. Affordable event spaces conveniently located within the tri-state area. Book your event today!

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Small and Large Rental Locations For Events In Jersey City New Jersey


Small and large event rentals through Indiegrove is an easy decision for any small business. We take the stress out of finding the ideal company event space by providing affordability and exceptional customer service. Our small event spaces are perfect for holding weekly workshops and team meetings. As an entrepreneur or freelance professional, it’s nice to have a space to bring the team together from time to time. Our large event spaces are great for conducting company gatherings with both team members and clients. We can help you impress all of your guests! Give a perfect presentation during your event by using the available high-speed internet and projector (upon request). For workshopping we provide a whiteboard in all spaces to allow for more hands-on interaction. Don’t stress trying to find a location for your next company event. Choose from our selection of event spaces located just a few subway stops away from Manhattan and get work done. We are here to answer any questions, so contact Indiegrove today!