Have A Schedule By Department

As solopreneurs, we don’t have the luxury of being able to kick off an email to
accounting or HR. We are everything from CEO down to janitor.

One of the biggest time sucks in the modern workplace is task switching. Research
has shown that it takes a full x minutes to get fully in ‘the zone’ after being distracted
by something.

If you’re trying to get more out of the 24 hours we all have, that can be a killer.
Here is an easy fix:

Split your schedule into time blocks by “department” in order to get yourself in the
zone and minimize task switching.

For example, you can schedule everything you do for outbound marketing on Monday
and Tuesday mornings. Everything related to bookkeeping and finance, take care of
on Tuesday afternoons. Do your sales calls on Thursday mornings while your
prospects are in the office, and schedule your email follow up on Wednesdays when
your clients are likely to be bored and checking email.

This is just an example, the important thing is to choose *something*and make it work
for you.

By setting aside time for each function, you will lose much less to task switching. As a
bonus, you will get a priming effect when the designated time slot comes around,
getting the juices flowing for some creative marketing on Monday morning or
hunkering down for doing the books after lunch on Tuesday.