Have a Consistent Morning Routine

One prime that you can set wherever you are is a consistent morning routine. In the
book Daily Rituals, Thomas Craven explored the lives of some of the most prolific
producers in business, art and science and found that they all had rigid routines,
almost without exception.

Here’s how it works:

Hitting all of the checkmarks on your morning routine is a mental ‘win’ that establishes
positive momentum. Going straight to a challenging task (more on that later) can
establish a second win that builds the momentum even further.

As the day progresses, you keep charging forward like a snowball moving downhill
and can finish the day strong with energy and high quality work.

String together a few days of this and you have a great week. String together a few
decades of this and you have a career like Pablo Picasso, Frank Lloyd Wright or Maya

It’s powerful stuff.

If you don’t have a morning routine yet, here is a good place to start:

Think back to a day when you got a lot done. What did you do after you woke up?
This can form the base of your morning routine.

Many morning routines have the following included:

 Physical activity (from stretching to doing a full workout)
 Time set aside for mindfulness, contemplation or a spiritual practice
 Journaling or creative writing
 Goal setting
 Music or motivational speaking
 A specific food (or lack of food) that gets your mind going