The days in the life of an entrepreneur

I’ve worked with and around entrepreneurs my entire career. From the fist time I was told what it meant to be an entrepreneur I respected it in and of itself and realized its potential, not only for the entrepreneur but all of us.

Almost five years years ago, I decided to take the leap. No matter what I had done before then, I could never had prepared for what this is. The ups and downs. The constant pulling in so many directions. Putting yourself on the line and out there time and time again. Being an entrepreneur is not about focusing and making a business go. It’s a lifestyle. An attitude. A commitment. An acceptance and surrender. The rewards are priceless and many. There’s just something about it that makes it addictive. The best part for me is the freedom. But freedom doesn’t come easy and it can never be fully defined.

I’ve decided to write about this journey in its rawness and realness. I’m going to call it “The days in the life of an entrepreneur.” The point is to share the thoughts, lessons, interactions, successes, challenges and ridiculousness that comes with the territory. My hope is that is will inspire and comfort anyone embarking or engrossed in this lifestyle and sometimes make you laugh. After all, what is life without a sense of humor? The good news is I don’t have to know or experience the answer to that question and that is why I am an entrepreneur.

To Your Success!