8 March

Being Part of a Global Movement – International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day!

One of my goals when opening Indiegrove was to make it a space comfortable for both women and men. Coworking spaces are generally dominated by male teams and the fraternity culture. I have spent much of my career building and implementing programs focused specifically on women’s economic empowerment. I remember my tours of spaces before Indiegrove opened being very uncomfortable as a woman. When I opened Indiegrove I found the same thing happening here in Jersey City. The vast majority of people signing up were men. I decided we would have to take deliberate actions to change it and we did.

Today, I am proud to say 35% of our members are women. Our culture is inclusive and balanced and our community is vibrant. The majority of businesses we serve through education and collaboration are women owned businesses. The Indiegrove Women’s Group has been meeting for five years and addresses the many realities women face in business every day. We are proud to be part of the global movement towards more women business ownership and higher growth. Thank you to all the women and men who have part of our growth.

To Your Continued Success,


22 February

Member Spotlight: Judith Meer

What’s your name and business?
My name is Judith Meer. I’m also known as The Pelvic PT since I specialize in pelvic floor physical therapy, but my official company name is Fizio PT, LLC.

How long have you been in business? What inspired you to start a business?

I started my company in May 2017. I had been hoping to create a small clinic within an orthopedic physical therapy practice that I was working in, but a year after submitting my proposal, and despite many promises, my lovable corporate overlords had still made no significant progress towards starting the clinic. I decided that using my skillset — and building my reputation as a clinician — shouldn’t be something I leave up to anyone else. It was time to strike out on my own. (cue the dramatic music)

Who does your business cater to/serve?

If you have a pelvic floor, I can help. (And if you’re wondering: yes, we all have one.) Problems with bowel, bladder or sexual dysfunction are all issues that can be treated by a pelvic floor physical therapist. The pelvic floor is a sling of muscles between our hips that hold up our organs and provide core stability. From postpartum moms to post-prostate cancer gents to folks who pee a little whenever they sneeze or lift heavy weights — there’s a very good chance I can offer some guidance, insight and care for “down there.” Pelvic floor issues can also sometimes mask themselves as chronic low back pain or abdominal discomfort.

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

I’ll be a well-known and respected resource in the Jersey City and Hoboken area, with a deep roster of clients and regular referrals coming in from clients and clinicians alike. I’ll also be teaching online and in-person courses and seminars on a regular basis. And I’ll be able to take a vacation without fear that my little empire will all come crumbling down in my absence!

Why have you chosen to grow your business at Indiegrove?

Indiegrove offers the opportunity to have a business address and presence from day one, regardless of the level of membership. That made me feel like I was a valued, legitimate member of the community from the beginning, with space to grow and develop at my own pace. I’ve also had the pleasure of going to a few of the Indiegrove women’s meetings, and there’s nothing like having a bunch of powerhouse ladies around to teach you what they know and inspire you to push yourself to succeed. On top of that, it’s a beautiful and welcoming space, and I love that there are room rentals — I can’t wait to start organizing events!

Tell us a fun fact about your business.

The logo is *not* what you probably think it is. I invented it when I was cutting the stems off of some leeks for dinner, and decided the shape and pattern of the cut leek was exactly the unique look I’d been searching for. The irony of a “leek” as a logo for a pelvic floor PT who often talks to patients about leaky bladders is not lost on me. Oh, and it only occurred to me later how hilariously suggestive some people might find the logo, but hey, that just kind of goes with the territory given the work I do.

Discover more about The Pelvic PT at www.thepelvicpt.com

13 February

I Work To Make Every Day Count

One of my fellow boot campers was talking to me about balancing life and work this morning and how she never has enough time.  This is a bootcamp filled with working women, many of them with families, who are up before the sun rises to get an hour of time to themselves before anyone else even knows where they are. When I told her that I could relate she said “But you have your own business, so you don’t have to work the 8 hour thing, right?”  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard some version of that statement from people.  It use to bother me.  Now, my standard response is “Yeah, it doesn’t really work that way.  The work has to get done.” and then I leave it alone.  I’ve come to realize that most people don’t understand what it really means to be an entrepreneur and start a successful business.  Yes, we have the option to choose when we work, but the commitment is a 24/7 commitment and a successful business requires much more than 8 hours of time per day.  It requires full dedication and responsibility.  When I get up in the morning I am not not worried about how I will get through the day or complete the hours. I am focused on how will I fulfill my purpose and build something extraordinary.  That’s what a lot of people don’t get.  We choose this life.  Nothing about it is an obligation.  It’s a completely different mentality.  I am accountable to my family, customers, employees, vendors, partners and everyone who touches my life.  All of them, together, decide the fate of my business.  No, I do not work 8 hours a day.  I work to make every day count.


8 February

Member Spotlight: Beatrice Perkins

What’s your name and business?
Beatrice Perkins, Brand Excitement

How long have you been in business? What inspired you to start a business?
I’ve been in business 7 years. I started my business because I wanted the flexibility to work on projects and programs that I love with people that I believe in. I worked in brand communications in the financial sector for over a decade and was ready to serve in a way that provided more impact, income and independence.

Who does your business cater to/serve?
I work with service-based businesses, many of whom are in education and entrepreneurship. Typically clients comes to me when they want to go from invisible to in demand and need to either launch or save a business initiative. We map out the brand strategy, design and online marketing to help them get exposure.

Where do you see your business in 5 years?
In 5 years I’d like to have clients in Brazil so that I can take the profits I generate there to support orphans there. Ideally, I’d like to have offices in NYC, Chicago and Salvador da Bahia. So far I have NYC and Chicago covered, so now I’m actively working on breaking into Brazil’s emerging markets.

Why have you chosen to grow your business at Indiegrove?
I love the culture that exists here. If I don’t have a place to go for community I tend to work in isolation, but that’s counterproductive. Being an Indiegrove member allows me to connect with others like me, and see the strength in collaboration. It also helps me to be more productive because I see and hear what others are up to.

Tell us a fun fact about your business.
We do mandatory dance breaks daily.

Discover more about Brand Excitement at www.brandexcitement.com

7 February

Member Spotlight: Ajay Paghdal

What’s your name and business?
Ajay Paghdal of OutreachMama

How long have you been in business? What inspired you to start a business?
9 short months. My father came to this country 37 years ago with a nickel in his pocket and a dream. He worked his rear end off to build a better life for his family and his biggest regret was never starting a business of his own. From a young age, I started sharing that same passion and I finally took the leap in my late 20s thus making both of our dreams a reality.

Who does your business cater to/serve?
We help SEO agencies and SEO-saavy brands with their link building needs. Through our service, businesses get the tools and services they need to gain more traction in Google search.

Where do you see your business in 5 years?
I started this business after reading the book Built to Sell. My 5 year goal is to grow and sell this business.

Why have you chosen to grow your business at Indiegrove?
Indiegrove has 3 things I look for when seeking a working space. 1) A community of likeminded entrepreneurs 2) Location near entrepreneurial hotspots 3) Modern facilities and an open bright space

Tell us a fun fact about your business.
We chose the name OutreachMama because when we first started the business, we had work-from-home moms handling all of our blogger outreach.

Discover more about Outreach Mama at www.outreachmama.com


7 February

Member Spotlight: Reza Mazaheri & Sanjay Sethi

Reza Mazaheri & Sanjay Sethi
Sethi and Mazaheri, LLC

Sethi & Mazaheri is a boutique law firm with offices in New York, New Jersey, and DC Metro area. We are deeply committed to social justice and immigrant rights. Our firm specializes in representing immigrants in removal proceedings, non-citizens who have been charged with criminal offenses, refugees and asylum seekers fleeing persecution and artists who are unable to express themselves freely in their home countries.

Discover more about Sethi and Mazaheri, LLC at www.sethimaz.com

7 February

Member Spotlight: Geoffrey Allen

Geoffrey Allen, PMG
Geoffrey Allen is the Founder and President of PMG

Geoffrey Allen, the founder and President of PMG, is a licensed contractor with over 13 years of renovations, repairs, and building maintenance experience. He is an expert at diagnosing problems and identifying potential issues before they become larger. Geoffrey is a graduate of HCST with a certificate in building maintenance and a Certified Construction Manager from the Turner School of Construction Management.

Property Maintenance Guys

PMG renovations, maintenance, repairs, and home/business improvement services to property owners, property management companies, realtors, and business owners. All PMG customers receive the highest quality work, ensuring both customer satisfaction and on-going professional relationships. We are reliable and always on time because we understand the value of time. The reason for PMG’s existence and its main goal is to go beyond your general repair needs, so that our working relationship reflects on the success of your property.

Discover more about PMG at http://www.propertymaintenanceguys.com/