The Business Plan

I use my business plan every day.  It is a living document in my business.  It is a tool that helps me stay focused and make decisions, while considering the implications the decisions will have on other parts of the business.  A lot has changed since the first draft of my business plan, but it has remained a constant check and balance for me.  There are a lot of theorists who will tell you business plans are obsolete and not needed for today’s business environment.  I think those people misunderstand what a business plan is and have probably never used one to run a business.  It is not a document for investors, banks or to console friends and family.  It is for you, the entrepreneur.  You can turn it into a presentation, chart, whatever you want for others, but you need a detailed, well-thought out, many times revised plan to help you drive your business forward and hit your goals.  Think of it as a blueprint. Would you build a building without a blueprint?