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6 Healthy Habits of a Startup

A key factor for long-term business success is developing healthy habits for yourself and your team. Taking consistent daily action will be a deciding factor in what sets your business apart form the rest. This becomes even more important as your business grows, so the earlier you instill strong habits, the better. You won’t have time when you’re busy!

Even though startups are still figuring out what processes will actually work for their business long-term, it is important to capture procedures and processes in writing early on. Develop standard operating procedures for major tasks. Keep in mind, the simpler you keep the processes and documents, the more likely it will be that you will keep them updated and actually use them.


Systemize Repeatable Tasks
Employees should spend their time and mental energy on innovation and growth and not on routine tasks. The more you can automate those daily tasks, the better. These days, there is an app for almost everything you can imagine. So don’t spend a lot of time or money on it. Just get it done and move on.


Know Your Startup Story
Who doesn’t like a good story? With all the options in the market, your story is what will make people want to buy from you and then buy again. Ensure that every team member knows your company’s story and can clearly relay it to anyone and everyone.


Believe the Glass is Half Full
A positive attitude is at the heart of innovation. To an entrepreneur, convention means average, and impossible means greatness. Approach every challenge with a “can-do” attitude and insist on the same from your team.


Eliminate Unnecessary Meetings
For a startup every second counts. Set weekly goals and targets and use them to make on-the-spot decisions rather then spend countless hours meeting on how to take action. Hold standing meetings to discourage unproductive conversations and encourage conciseness.


Carve Out Productivity Time
Distractions are the biggest detriment to productivity. Encourage your team to block time on their calendars for productivity time and don’t use your rank to override it. You’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish in a short time with focused attention.