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5 Tips on Building an Effective Brand

Do you want to strengthen and expand the reach of your brand? It’s important to understand that a strong branding strategy is all about the right mix of resources and attention. Building an effective brand is a tough road to run, but it is truly worth it!

Here are 5 time-tested tips on building a strong brand for your business:


Know What You Want To Convey


Before embarking on brand building, make sure you have a plan. What do you want people to feel when they see your brand? When and where do you want people to see your brand? What is your budget? Take the time to determine your goals and strategy for reaching each one of them. Make sure you think about scalability and systems to ensure you stay on track and can grow.


Be Consistent


Creating one voice for your company is critical. Decide on the tone, look and feel and make sure it is implemented in all written and visual platforms, online and offline. This combined with a strong logo and tagline will make sure your brand is recognized and appreciated by the right people at the right time.


Share, Share, Share!


Who doesn’t appreciate freebies and coupons? Ask your members to share their support with a unique hashtag or consider sending them one coupon to use themselves and another to give to a friend. These types of gestures will foster a sense of pride and ownership around your brand and create word of mouth – the most powerful branding tool out there.


Know Your Competition


If you know your competition, you know what makes you better. You have competitors, however niche your area of expertise may be. Even if your competition doesn’t offer the exact same products and services as you do, your potential customers are filling the same needs and wants you tailor to somewhere else. Integrating what makes you different and unique into your branding strategy will make sure you stand out above the rest.


Make Your Customers Happy


Every interaction with your customer is an opportunity to make them a fan, even the bad ones. Things happen in every business, but how you react to a customer’s concerns can be the difference between them becoming your brand ambassador or brand destroyer. Seize every opportunity and make sure you make them feel heard and important. This doesn’t mean that you give into every demand, just that you leave the customer with a good feeling about your company.