Is a coworking space right for you? |

5 Reasons a Coworking Space is Right for You

Coworking is a brilliant phenomena, which is now really coming into its own. It solves a lot of problems for entrepreneurs and opens up endless opportunities. Coworking spaces offer a community for entrepreneurs who otherwise might feel isolated, as well as abundant resources to grow their businesses.

Here are 5 reasons as to why a coworking space is right for you.


World of Networking
Startups, entrepreneurs and even established businesses all benefit enormously from the networking opportunities that are a byproduct of co working spaces. Communal offices mesh several companies together, so there are always numerous professionals at close proximity to consult and interact with. If you’re seeking new clients, a coworking space could just be the place to make valuable connections.


Ambiguity Free Zone
Working in a guilt free environment such as a coworking space only increases productivity and helps develop your brand. Whereas working from home can seem too casual and un-business like and can make your clients feel your small time and unprofessional. The coworking space is definitely a win for many entrepreneurs.


Cost Effective
Every penny you save is one extra penny to invest in your startup. Most co-working spaces offer an affordable rent, ranging from daily to monthly contracts so you are not committed for long period. You’ll also easily have access to necessary amenities, such as printers, fax machines, meeting rooms and more.


Improved Competency
Working from home can be hazardous to your success. Distractions prevail everywhere. Sometimes the flexibility is great, but more often than not, these distractions take precious minutes (and sometime hours!) away from your work. A coworking space lets you focus which in turn results in increased productivity.


The Water Cooler Community
The benefit of working in a coworking space is that you never have to eat lunch alone! At a coworking space it is easy to participate in a sanity preserving small talk that occurs around the communal coffee maker. On a Friday afternoon, most often than not you will find yourself enjoying happy hour with your fellow coworkers. It is these little interactions that go a long way in boosting your creativity and keeping you level headed.

Those who are self-employed, freelancing or starting a business, the benefits of a coworking space are abundant and can lead to a more constructive work/life balance. Do you think a coworking space is right for you?