8 July

The Health and Safety Benefits of Business Space Rentals

With so much uncertainty surrounding the current global pandemic, many businesses have been scrambling to find the safest solution for their employees to return to regular operations. As the workforce slowly begins to return to more in-person interactions, more and more employers are looking to alternative means to not only continue business practices, but to do so with the utmost in safety precautions. So, what does this mean, exactly? For many, it involves exploring the health and safety benefits of business space rentals.

What Are Business Space Rentals?

In the traditional sense, you may think of business space rentals as signing a long-term lease to occupy an office or designated workplace for you and your team. While this type of space is certainly still out there, the definition of business space rentals has undergone quite an evolution in recent years.

Today, the options for non-traditional workspaces have broadened exponentially. Sure, you can still find a more long-term lease space for your operations, but business space rentals today have expanded to include much more flexibility and a larger scale of choices that are designed to meet the needs of your local workforce – no matter what those needs may be.

Exploring Coworking Options

From full-on team workspace memberships to a la carte options like meeting room rentals and virtual office spaces, coworking has changed the way we view business space rentals. In a time of dramatic workplace changes, coworking has quickly become an appealing option to entrepreneurs across the board – both for convenience as well as the health and safety of their team members.

By providing a space where team members can not only continue productivity professionally, but also allow for the flexibility of modern technologies and consideration for health and safety precautions, business space rentals have played a pivotal role in the continued successes of area businesses during the pandemic. In short, coworking spaces are providing the much-needed professional resources and locations in a time when our workforce has been unable to access such necessities by previous means. It is allowing our workforce a flexible and affordable option to safely remain productive from a convenient location as well as providing the needed technology to stay in touch with those who otherwise would be unreachable.

The Health and Safety Benefits of Coworking Spaces

While you may assume that a communally shared space would be a risky place to seek out a workplace, the truth is, coworking spaces have long been practicing extensive health and safety measures. These spaces are already well-adept at sanitization efforts in order to keep the health of their members a priority. In addition, with the introduction of new pandemic cleanliness guidelines, coworking spaces are more primed to continue healthy cleaning regimens and relief assistance resources than most individual locations.

“Coworking spaces are well-positioned to help coordinate and direct the assistance being pushed out through various local emergency relief funds. They are better connected to the peripheral and hard-to-reach businesses; they know them, in many cases, personally; and, they have trusting relationships with them,” explains Forbes.com.

By definition, coworking spaces are a community of members from a broad spectrum of backgrounds. As such, these locations can often offer unparalleled professional resources to those who utilize their spaces and services – especially in the wake of such a huge transitional shift of a bulk of the country’s workforce.

What a Business Space Rental Can Do for You

Whether your business is still operating primarily from home, or you’re beginning to transition back to a more traditional office space for your team members, business space rentals can be a valuable tool to utilize. With so many options for services and resources to choose from, these spaces are able to provide a critical piece of the puzzle for remote operations – both short and long-term.

By now, most of your team members have likely come up with some form of solution to allow for a remote working space, but are these spaces optimal for their needs and productivity? Coworking spaces provide convenient locations, safe and professional settings, as well as all needed office resources. In addition, they also offer the latest technology advancements, making it possible for team members to stay in touch with others who may be unable to be physically present.

Valuable Resources Offered by Coworking

Aside from offering a professional and convenient location for your team members to congregate as needed, coworking spaces offer a much higher level of resources to your team. Since they are made up of a wide variety of members, they are well-positioned to offer potential assistance and insight to help your business navigate the post-pandemic murky waters. Consider it an invaluable source of mentorship and professional resources in a time of business turmoil.

Though the pandemic regulations have had us distancing ourselves socially for months for our communities’ state of health, that doesn’t change the fact that we are all social creatures by nature. For human beings (as well as businesses) to thrive, we must maintain our links to others. Coworking spaces allow for a safe communal area to not only keep busy professionally, but to also provide much needed connections and networking opportunities.

“That’s what effective coworking spaces do: they’re community hubs, essential sources of the local connectedness that will be a key ingredient in rebounding from the crisis,” Forbes.com explains.

Staying Safe and Thriving as a Community

By offering safe, affordable options to entrepreneurs for distance working efforts, as well as a laundry list of invaluable resources, it’s clear that coworking spaces are going to continue to play a pivotal role in the business world. In order to rebound from the global pandemic, our workforce will need the flexibility and ingenuity of these community resources to safely navigate our businesses back to pre-pandemic operations. Check out your local Jersey City coworking leaders today to see how they can help you meet the needs of your team and get you on the fast-track to success!