15 February

Surround yourself with inspiring people

Throughout history, great producers have shown up in packs. From the paypal mafia to the impressionists in the 1800s and the beat poets of the 50s, it’s a very real trend.

The writer Austin Kleon refers to this as a ‘scenius’ and without a doubt there are some forming today that will be the greats that the world will talk about 50 or 100 years ago.

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8 February

Productivity Is a Big Deal for Solopreneurs.

Unlike your cubicle bound contemporaries who can slack off (for an average of 55% of the hours in a week according to research) the success of your new company rests squarely on your shoulders.

For some that means the difference between ramen and steak for dinner, for others it means making rent before your cash runway runs out.

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1 February

Take Advantage of Psychological Priming

We entrepreneurs pride ourselves on being independent thinkers. But it’s amazing how much influence outside conditions can have on the human mind.

In a classic study, psychologists had their subjects take a basic test on word association. But the real experiment happened when a hidden camera timed how long it took them to walk a 50 foot hallway to the elevator.

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